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Arts is the most popular choice for students in India. And to secure notable job positions having a BA degree will not be sufficient and you may consider enrolling for a MA course. Furthermore, the benefits of earning an MA degree are substantial, making it a desirable path for students looking to enhance their careers and their intellectual horizons.

If you are curious to know why you should choose this program and what are career options this degree holds for the future, then read this blog.

Master of Arts- Course Introduction

A student who completes an integrated program of study in the arts and social sciences is awarded the postgraduate degree of Master of Arts. Since this program’s focus is so broad, students may choose to study a variety of subjects. Since it gives them a specialization and aids them in choosing their professional path appropriately, students are free to study subjects based on their interest area and career goals. 

MA course highlights:

Degree Type 


MA Course Duration 

2 years



Minimum Requirement 

  • Complete a graduate-level course or equivalent.

  • Applicants must have received a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 50% overall score. 

What are the benefits of doing Masters in Arts? 

The top benefits of pursuing a Master in arts are as follows-

  • You’ll learn transferrable skills– 

This course will enhance students’ ability to write, research, and analyse; as a result, one will be better able to solve problems, manage tasks, and complete complex projects. And these soft skills are transferrable and required in every profession.

  • Expertise in the subject domain- 

The MA degree is pursued with a specialization and it enhances the subject knowledge and skillset of the student in the relevant field. And hence students can gain expertise, which gives them a competitive advantage in the hiring process.

  • Better career opportunities with high earning potential– The subject expertise, and skills make Master of Arts graduates comparatively more employable than bachelor’s of arts graduates. Having a master’s degree will open the door to better career opportunities and handsome remuneration.
  • Networking opportunities– 

Students with different backgrounds and specializations will join the Master of Arts degree, and it will create a great platform for students to interact with each other and expand their professional network. Additionally, students can make professional networks with faculty members, and industry experts while studying this course.

  • Access to research opportunities

 MA scope is broad and this course will also let you fulfil your interest in pursuing higher education options or the aim to enter into the field of academics and research work. This course will establish a strong foundation for PhD and MPhil courses.

Specializations of MA

MA is a multidisciplinary course and colleges/Universities offer distinctive specialization in their Master of Arts courses. Some of the popular MA specializations are- English, Journalism & Mass communication, Hindi, Sanskrit, sociology, psychology, public administration, political science, etc.

But if we talk about Cheran Arts & science college, they offer an MA course with a specialization in English Journalism & mass communication.

Let’s look at these two MA specializations in detail-

  • MA English- 

One of the most preferred specializations of MA courses, English is pursued by students who are interested in learning about literature, English fiction, dramas, etc. and want to enhance their writing, and communication skills. This specialization is ideal for students who want to build a career as a writer, journalist, professor, etc.

  • MA Journalism & Mass Communication– 

This course imparts knowledge and instruction in reporting, writing, editing, photography, etc. Students who are interested in joining advertising agencies, books, press, radio, new channels, etc. after completing their MA duration can opt for this specialization.

Career scope of Master of Arts

The career scope of the Master of Arts is expanded in various industries such as media, education, teaching, research, writing, etc. And completing this degree from top colleges in India will make you capable of making a fruitful career in India and abroad.

Job opportunities

MA jobs are widely available in public/private sector companies in India. Broadcasting corporations, News agencies, central information services, All India Radio, journals, Photography companies, etc recruit MA graduates for the below-mentioned job profiles-

  • Content writer
  • Copywriter 
  • Journalist
  • Corporate communications
  • News Analyst
  • Art director
  • Radio Jockey
  • Photojournalist
  • Reporter
  • Sound technician
  • Presenter
  • Writer
  • Screenwriter
  • Editor

Salary of Master of Arts graduates in India

The average MA salary in India is INR 4,90,000. And let’s check out the salary of MA graduates in different job positions-

Source- PayScale

Cheran Arts & science college- The top choice for students to pursue an MA course

  • We regularly host seminars, webinars, and workshops to keep students updated with the latest information on the industry.
  • Our course curriculum for the Master of Arts provides students with detailed knowledge and skills through a comprehensive learning approach.
  • Cheran Group of Institutions has received 40+ awards & accolades to provide quality education.
  • Our qualified teaching faculties with all the modern resources make MA students to be competent & skilled professionals.


MA is a degree that will help you build a successful career in prominent industries with an attractive MA job salary. Now it’s time to elevate your career after your bachelor’s degree, hone your abilities and knowledge, and establish a strong career.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do people choose MA education? 

People choose to pursue an MA education due to these reasons-

  • To broaden their subject knowledge 
  • To secure higher-level job positions
  • To increase salary potential
  • To enter the research & development field
  • What do we study in Master of Arts? 

In Master of Arts, we study various specializations of humanities & arts such as English, journalism, fine arts, history, etc. And the course curriculum will vary based on the specialization you choose.

  • Which Master degree is best in Arts?

Master’s degrees in English & Journalism and Mass Communication are considered the best in arts.

  • What is the salary after MA in English?

According to PayScale, an MA English graduate can earn an average salary of INR 4,26,000.

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