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BSC Degree

Are you planning to pursue a Bsc degree course in India, but don’t know what Bsc specialisation to choose from? There is no need to worry about it. We bring the top Bsc degree Specialisations for you so that you can pick the best one as per your interest.

Are you planning to pursue a Bsc degree course in India, but don’t know what Bsc specialisation to choose from? There is no need to worry about it. We bring the top Bsc degree Specialisations for you so that you can pick the best one as per your interest.

Bsc is one of the most popular science degree courses in India. This degree program is globally recognized and highly famous among science stream students. The Bsc degree offers plenty of career opportunities in various fields which makes this degree course a valuable degree course.

Bsc is an undergraduate degree program available in all arts and sciences colleges in India. This UG-level course is three years of duration and teaches on a semester basis.

All about Bsc

Bsc is an undergraduate degree program that can be completed after completion of the 12th class. Bsc degree or Bachelor of Science courses has multiple Specialisations such as Bsc Computer Science, Bsc IT, Bsc Natural Science, Bsc Botany, Bsc Zoology, Bsc Nursing, Bsc Mathematics, Bsc Physics, Bsc Chemistry, and more.

Quick Facts about Bsc Degree Course

Course Name Bsc
Course Full Form Bachelor of Science
Course Duration 3 Years
Mode of Examination Semester (6)
Mode Admission Merit/Entrance
Major Types Computer Science, Information Technology, Visual Communication, Bio-Chemistry and more
Average Bsc Fees INR 20,000-INR 25,000
Higher Degree Options PG Diploma, Msc, B.ed
Jobs after Degree Course Teacher, Biochemist, Lab Technician, Data Scientist, Research Assistant

7 types of popular Bsc Degree Specialisations in India

The Bsc course has various types of degrees to offer you in India. Students can choose any of the degrees as per their interests. Colleges like Cheran Arts Science provide the top 7 Specialisations in Bsc degrees.

Here is detailed information about the degree course that students must know before choosing a Bsc degree course in India.

Bsc Computer Science (Bsc CS):

Bachelor of Sciences degree in Computer Science is one of the most popular Bsc degrees in India. The Department of Computer Science of Cheran Arts Science College offers a Bsc CS degree with a 3-year duration. The core subjects of Bsc Computer Science are Operating Systems Principles, Introduction to Computer Networks, Introduction to Data Structures, and more.

Bsc Information Technology (IT):

This Bsc Specialisation is getting famous day by day as the IT sector is getting wider in India day by day. For this Bsc course eligibility, a candidate must complete his 10+2 from any recognised board of education. Bsc IT is also a 3-year degree course in India with 6 semesters mainly.

Bsc Costume Design and Fashion:

Bsc Costume Design and Fashion is the best Specialisation in Bsc available at Cheran Arts Science College. A Bachelor of Science in Costume Design and Fashion course will prepare students for a career in the field of costume design and fashion. The core Bsc subjects that students will learn in this course are Fundamentals of Apparel Designing, Principles of Pattern Making, Care and Maintenance of Textile, Costumes & Textiles of India, Fashion Designing, Fiber to Fabric and more.

Bsc Visual Communication:

This 3-year degree course focuses on the study and practice of visual communication methods, techniques, and principles. It combines artistic and technical skills to effectively convey messages and information through various visual media. The programs may also incorporate theoretical and conceptual aspects of visual communication, including the study of visual culture, semiotics, visual psychology, and the social impact of visual media. Bsc 1st year syllabus of Visual communication covers all the major concepts of visual communication.

Bsc Food Science & Nutrition:

In India, Bsc Food Science & Nutrition is becoming the prime choice of science students. There is high demand for Food Science & Nutrition graduates in India as well as the other parts of the world. The course prepares students with an understanding of nutrition and its uses for better health and human welfare. This interdisciplinary program typically encompasses coursework in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, food science, and nutrition.

Bsc Catering and Hotel Management:

In the hospitality industry, Bsc Catering & Hotel Management is a quite noted UG-level degree program. The duration of this Bsc degree program is 3 years. The Bsc subjects list combines theoretical study with practical training to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its various facets.

Bsc Data Science:

Bsc in Data Science is India’s best and most popular Bsc specialisation. The Data Science Department of Cheran Arts Science College offers 3 years of Bsc Data Science degree program based on the latest technology. The curriculum of Bsc Data Science typically includes a mix of courses in mathematics, statistics, programming, machine learning, data visualization, and database management. Students learn about data collection, data cleaning, data analysis techniques, and how to use tools and programming languages commonly used in data science such as Python, R, SQL, and others.

Best Indian College for Best Bsc Degree Courses

Before choosing the ideal Bsc degree, it is important to pick the right Bsc college in India. In India, you will get to see various Arts and Science colleges that provide Bsc degree courses at the UG level. Among all the Bsc colleges, Cheran Arts Science College is the best college located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

  • Cheran Arts Science College provides 11 types of Bsc degrees
  • The Faculty of the Bsc department is highly educated and experienced
  • During the course, students get to chance to work with various industries as per their chosen Specialisations
  • Cheran Arts Science College provide internship programs to enhance student’s knowledge and skills
  • Provide placement opportunities to students


India remains the hub of science and technology for ages. A Bsc degree is one of the most popular degree courses in India that’s why here you will get to see tons of Bsc Specialisations. Bsc in Data Science, Bsc in Information Technology and Bsc AI & Machine Learning are the most popular Bsc degree courses available in India. These courses offered the best job opportunities to candidates at both local and international levels.


1. Which BSc course is highly paid

Bsc in Data Science, Bsc in Information Technology and Bsc in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are one of the highest-paid Bsc courses in India.

2. Which course is best for BSc students?

If you’re planning to take admission in the Bsc course then, Bsc in Data Science is one of the best Bsc courses to learn in India. In a global market, there is a high demand for Data Science graduates.

3. Which BSc degree is best for jobs?

If we talk from a job perspective, Bsc in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the best Bsc degree to offer an average package between 10 LPA and 15 LPA.

4. Which BSc course has highest salary and demand in India?

Bsc AI & Machine Learning is the highest salary offered Bsc degree course in India. The average salary package of a Bsc AI & Machine Learning graduate is between INR 10 to 15 LPA.

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