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MSW degree

Understanding society’s members and making an effort to improve their lives are the core tenets of social work. However, data shows that there are still 66% of men and 34% of women who are somewhat connected to the social work area in the current setting when most people are so preoccupied with preparing themselves for rewarding employment possibilities.

So, are you interested in earning an MSW degree but unaware of its benefits and specialisations? If so, you can read this article for a more comprehensive look at the programme.

Know about an MSW Degree

This academic degree teaches students how to use their resources to address societal problems and attempt to alleviate suffering through social interventions like funding and therapy. Additionally, it provides specialised knowledge on a variety of social work-related subjects, such as rural development, labour safety, etc.

Course Information

It is provided by the reputable Cheran Arts and Science College in India to train recent graduates who can uniquely contribute to a variety of working fields. Some important MSW course details are tabulated below:

Full Form Master of Social Work
Level of Education Postgraduate
Duration 2 years
Core MSW Topics Introduction to Social Work, Psychology for Social Work, Sociology for Social Work, Social Work with Individuals, etc.
Average MSW course fees Ranges from INR 26,000 to 30,000 per year

Enrollment Requirements

The following are the widely accepted MSW course eligibility requirements, which are also applicable at Cheran Arts and Science College:

  • Complete a Bachelor’s degree that is at least three years long in any discipline or its equivalent from an accredited university.
  • Obtain a minimum of 50% overall in UG programmes like B.S.W/ B.A/ B.Sc/ BBA, or BCA.

MSW Specializations

So far, we have covered a variety of aspects of a Master of Social Work programme, including the MSW qualification, admission requirements, key topics, etc. You will now receive a quick overview of the many MSW specialisations provided by the Cheran College of Arts and Science, a top-ranked college in India.

Human Resource Management This multidisciplinary course offers a special mix of studies that help candidates get ready for, improve upon, and advance in their careers in the Human Resource (HR) divisions of industries, hospitals, NGOs, and other organisations.
Medical and Psychiatric The study content of this MSW degree has been created with the knowledge, principles, and skills necessary to become a successful social worker in mind. However, the research, identification, and management of mental health illnesses are covered in its curriculum.
Community Development Students learn how to work towards the advancement of humanity in this course. You will be able to recognise issues, key players, strategies, and resources, apply methods, and assess the outcomes after obtaining this speciality.

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How do I choose my MSW specialization?

The following advice might assist you in selecting a social work speciality area:

Consider what you are passionate about

Following your hobbies and taking your passions into account when choosing an MSW specialization shall help you achieve greater work satisfaction. Additionally, taking pleasure in and enjoying your work will enable you to make a bigger impact on your community and improve the lives of others.

Focus on community requirements

Recognising how your function as a social worker may address the unique needs of your community and assessing what these needs may be are two ways to choose a field of specialisation.

Contact other professionals in your field

Consider speaking with other social workers to find out more about their positions and responsibilities if you are unsure which specialisation to pursue. Additionally, talking to other experienced people about the various options for jobs after MSW will help you pinpoint the parts of this industry that most interest you.

What are the benefits of studying MSW?

Developing long-lasting relationships with clients, watching and supporting positive improvements in their lives, and encouraging such changes are some wonderful features of a social work career. For understanding the excellent benefits of social work courses, you can refer to the pointers below:

An Opportunity to Serve Others

The social work programs equip students to be committed to social justice and make a real difference in their communities. Additionally, they help you recognise those who require assistance, evaluate their circumstances, and create plans to meet their needs. As a whole, you will have access to resources and the chance to work with members of vulnerable groups like immigrants, the homeless, abuse victims, and LGBT individuals.

Growing Field

Employment security is one of the significant MSW course benefits, and there will always be communities in need of support systems and advocates. Additionally, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the number of jobs for social workers is predicted to grow by 12% by 2024, which is nearly twice as fast as the overall job growth rate of 7%.

Greater Career Options

With a bachelor’s degree in social work, you might be able to get employment, but your career prospects will be constrained. But, obtaining an MSW degree increases your employability and allows you to develop your work. Additionally, social workers with more qualifications and experience are given jobs where they can have a bigger impact on their clients’ lives.

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Advanced Education and Training

MSW programmes integrate academics with hands-on training, enabling you to show your aptitude for the job before you ever receive your degree. Such courses provide advanced instruction in statistics and research, psychotherapy, and social welfare and policy in addition to fieldwork. Ultimately, an MSW academic course improves your chances of landing a job at a higher level with greater responsibility.

Increased Salary

As was already established, the majority of social workers enter the field to aid others. But, when deciding on a vocation, salary is still a crucial factor. On average, the initial MSW course salary in India is around 0.2 to 1 lakh, but with years of experience, it can rise to 5-6 lakhs. Let us explore a few MSW job profiles, and their income ranges in the graph below:

Wrapping Up

In general, social workers share common interests, including a desire to help others, strive for social justice, make a difference in people’s lives, and act morally. And, due to the obvious correlation between these traits and the nature of their employment, those with an MSW degree are better equipped to be kind, empathetic, generous, and caring.


1. Why should I choose MSW course?

Your successful career launch is aided by the knowledge provided during the MSW degree programme. Also, its curriculum aims to provide specific professional training in real-world contexts and may help you finish application-based training at a clinic or government organisation.

2. Why it is important for the social workers to have their areas of specialization?

Social workers should specialise in specific fields to better address the objective of enhancing individual rights and groups within their society, as well as provide care to various populations with varying levels of access to resources.

3. Why is having social workers important?

Social workers assist people in coping and enhancing their quality of life by listening to their needs, whether they are small children or addicts. These experts also carry out social research to look into the root causes of issues that impede national growth.

4. What is the scope of an MSW degree?

You can work in community health centres, mental institutions, schools, and charity trusts after earning this degree. Additionally, they are employed by child welfare agencies to provide services to neglected children and kids from low-income households.

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