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Bachelor of Science in Costume Design and Fashion is a programme in fashion design that takes about 3 years to learn and complete the entire course. The course consists of six semesters, which students must complete successfully before obtaining their degree certificate. A Bachelor of Science in Costume Design and Fashion course will prepare students for a career in the field of costume design and fashion.

A career in Costume Design and Fashion is very promising and exciting. The industry is dynamic and competitive, so it requires technical knowledge as well as practical skills. B.Sc. Costume Design &Fashion graduates are well prepared for a wide range of careers and are part of a multi-billion-dollar industry. Fashion technology has a wide scope for choosing a career.

The industry has become so specialized that it encompasses a vast field of studies in design, concept management, design production management, quality control, planning, textile design, printing, fashion accessory design, fashion merchandising, textile science, colour mixing, marketing and so on. Graduates of a degree program in this field can pursue a variety of creative careers, including fashion designer, textile designer, art director, and retail manager.

The goal of the Fashion Design Program is to provide students with technical and career skills that allow them to enter the fashion industry with a balance of knowledge, theory, and practical training. We strive to provide students with quality instruction, utilizing current technology and equipment, and relevant curriculum. Fashion Industry in India is organic and personalized. It is regionally diverse and multi-layered. Ethnic fashion thrives in India! Fashion and Textile Industry has shown tremendous growth in past few years creating large opening for skilled and expert professional.

List of Core Courses

S.NO Core Courses Name
1 Fundamentals of Apparel Designing
2 Principles of Pattern Making
3 Care and Maintenance of Textile
4 Costumes & Textiles of India
5 Fashion Designing
6 Fiber to Fabric
7 Fabric Structure and Design
8 Textile Processing
9 Computers in the Garment Industry
10 Textile Finishing
11 Home Textiles
12 Knitting
13 Fundamentals of Apparel Designing Practical
14 Fashion Sketching Practical
15 Children’s Apparel Practical
16 Fashion Designing Practical
17 Fiber to Fabric Practical
18 Women’s Apparel Practical
19 Fabric Structure and Design Practical
20 Textile Processing Practical
21 Men’s Apparel Practical
22 Computer Aided Designing (CAD) Practical-I
23 Knitting Practical
24 Computer Aided Designing (CAD) Practical-II

List of Allied Courses

S.NO Core Courses Name
1 Allied 1: Sewing Technology
2 Allied 2: Fashion Business and Clothing Psychology
3 Allied 3: Garment Quality Control and Management
4 Allied 4: Basic Illustration- Practical

List of Core Electives (Major Electives)

S.NO Core Courses Name
1 Elective – I Textile Printing -Practical/Accounting and Business Management/Entrepreneurial Development
2 Elective -II : Apparel Marketing and Merchandising/Apparel Production Management/Business Finance
3 Elective -III : Organization of Garment Unit/Export Analysis and Documentation/Apparel Quality Management


List of Non – Major Elective Courses

S.NO Core Courses Name
1 Environmental Studies
2 Value Education
3 Yoga for Human Excellence / Women’s Rights
4 General Awareness

List of Skill Based Subject Courses

S.NO Core Courses Name
1 Basic Draping – Practical
2 Surface Embellishment – Practical
3 Textile Printing – Practical
4 Fashion Portfolio Presentation

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The B. Sc. Costume Design and Fashion program describe accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain within five to seven years after graduation
PEO1Proficient Entrepreneur or Designer
PEO2Competent in industry, academic or research in the field of garment and fashion technology
PEO3Flair in Garment technology, Merchandising and Fashion designing & apparel manufacturing
PEO4Develop entrepreneurial, business and Management skill and development
PEO5Skilled in fashion portfolio presentation, dyeing industry, basic draping and garment industry, technical textile industry.
PEO6Possess skills of Merchandiser, Fabric inspector, Quality controller
PEO7Develop as a costume designer, CAD designer
PEO8Demonstrate creativity and deploy creative ideas in apparel, fashion and Textile Industry.
PEO9Possess professional, ethical and demonstrate spirit of excellence and leadership in career
PEO10Equip Human Values, Ethics and Principles and have a concern over the society

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

After the successful completion of B. Sc. Costume Design and Fashion program, the students are expected to
PSO1Professionally trained in the areas of Apparel Designing and technology and to acquire knowledge of various garments.
PSO2Understand the basic concepts of Fashion Design, its Psychology and Traditional costumes
PSO3Demonstrate understanding of the principles of selected fibres, Yarns, Fabrication and their Finishing techniques and methods.
PSO4Equip with Apparel Management and Business, Merchandising, quality control and Entrepreneurial skills.
PSO5Understand the concepts of Environmental consciousness, communication skill, holistic and value-based education, and lifelong learning ability.

Program Outcomes

On successful completion of the B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion program, the students are expected to
PO1Design, Draft and construct children, women and men’ garments and develop Fashion portfolios
PO2Apply the terminologies and concepts of Fashion design their respective field
PO3Develop products with quality for market by using appropriate merchandising and marketing strategies
PO4Plan and execute order in a garment manufacturing unit covering all stages - fibre, yarn, fabric and garment manufacture
PO5Analyse the structure of the fabric and appraise fibre, yarn and fabric with basic tests
PO6Enhance fabric designs with dyeing, printing and surface ornamentation techniques

Career Opportunity

Since the fashion industry is an ever-growing field of economy and its growth is the proof of the ever-expanding opportunities in fashion industry. Fashion Designing is an all-time favorite career option for creative people

S.NO Career Opportunity
1 An Entrepreneur
2 Fashion Designer
3 Quality controller
4 Merchandiser
5 Visual merchandiser
6 Fashion coordinator
7 Fashion Event manager
8 Faculty in Fashion Institutes
9 Accessory designer
10 Stylist
11 Textile designer
12 Product line manager
13 Product controller
14 Faculty in Textile research institute
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